Top ten things to do on the train during the commute to work

  1. Select one fellow passenger in the train car and stare at him/her until he/she looks back, then quickly look away. Repeat this during the whole trip.
  2. Find someone that has bluetooth active on the cell phone and terrorize that person with random nonsense messages all through the journey.
  3. Sleep and make sure to snore loudly.
  4. Take a seat by the window and keep it open even if it’s below zero degrees Celsius outside.
  5. Hit the back of the seat in front of you hard every few minutes. If the person sitting there looks back pretend you are sleeping. Alternatively point your finger discreetly at the person next to you.
  6. Change the setting of the thermostat that controls the temperature in the train car to either the coldest or the warmest setting depending on the season. I.e. if it’s summer set it to maximum heat and vice versa.
  7. Pull the emergency brake just to see if it works.
  8. Then getting off make sure you’re first in line, then drop all your coins and spend the next 10 minutes searching for them while blocking the way for the rest of the passengers.
  9. Bring a small child and reward the kid every time he or she pukes and screams.
  10. Before departure detach all the train cars but the first one.