Sahara Hotnights

In action

Last night I saw Sahara Hotnights play in the new concert hall in Uppsala. I’m not one of their biggest fans and I’ve only listened to their latest album, but I think the gig was quite ok.

They played all of the hits combined with some older material mixed in but I was a bit surprised when they left the stage after just 40 minutes. They naturally returned for an encore of two songs, so I guess in total they played for just under an hour.

Isn’t that a bit short?

Or is it just me who’s used to Moneybrother and Tomas Andersson Wij who can’t stop and basically play until they are dragged off the stage. I don’t know, but at least I’m not used to short gigs.

I’m not that sure about the new concert hall either. I think it’s butt ugly and it unfortunately has the same style indoors. There is no charm and no personality just a lot of concrete everywhere.

The big room with numbered seats might be better but this concert was a standing one so it was on the ground floor in the area where, I heard, there is usually a café. That in itself is quite odd.

Then for some reason the stage is so low that even I had a hard time seeing the girls in the band. A bit into the show we moved to the back of the room and Camilla finally got a glimpse of the singer and said “Oh, she’s got dark hair!” I found that quite hilarious!

If this wasn’t enough they left the light on in the entry hall and they didn’t close the doors, not that it would have mattered with glass doors. But this meant the room wasn’t dark enough and I found the lights very distracting and annoying. I really hope they’ll do something about that.

All the queueing sucked quite bad too, but that will probably get better as the people working there get more experience.