Sunday night while we were cleaning the server suddenly went quiet. I tried to start it again and got it to run for five minutes before it died again.

I thought it was the power supply, so tonight my brother brought over his old computer and we moved the power supply from that one over to my server. Unfortunately when we tried to start the server with the “new” power supply we got blue sparks and it started to smell like something had burnt. Needless to say the server didn’t start…

After some despair and a break we decided to try to put my old power supply into my brother’s machine. Because apparently it wasn’t the power supply that was broken, more likely the motherboard is fried. So lots of trickery later we have installed my power supply and moved over the hard disks. And we get the machine to boot! Victory!


We attach a screen and a keyboard and watch it hang while probing the SATA disks. No good. It finds the root disk but not the disk with all the home directories. In the end we give up on the last disk and are happy if we get the system to boot. In the end I get it to boot and the network to work.

Luckily the backups of the home directories are intermediately stored on the root disk, so I could restore them from there. Now I think everything is running again.

I need to fix this more permanently later on though. I have a plan, and you will get to know in due time.