Today’s lesson: Don’t pay the bills when you are dead tired

Unfortunately I was forced to pay the bills tonight if they were to be processed before the weekend. Considering how tired I was and still am, I shouldn’t have done it though.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this tired but the most worrying thing is that I don’t know why I’m this tired. I’ve slept about the same (or more) amount of hours as usual per night and I don’t feel like I’m getting sick but I guess that is the most likely explanation. My body doesn’t want to get sick and is fighting some kind of virus. It’s a bit annoying that I’ve felt this tired for weeks though…

Anyway, I had to pay the rent tonight so I entered all the information for the next three bills covering the next quarter, including the ridiculously long OCR numbers, verified that it was all correct and pressed the proceed button. Only to realize that I had forgotten to put due dates on the latter two bills so they all got paid right away. 15000 SEK gone from my account in a second.