Weekend report

Friday morning I took the 6:09 train to Stockholm as you can see in the previous post. I did that because at 07:00 the busses left from the office to our team building adventure.


(I borrowed the photo from here)

The busses took us to Årsta havsbad where a boat-taxi waited to drive us out to Märsgarn. The island was earlier a marine base but now it’s used for courses, team building events and so on. Here we spent Friday and Saturday, listening to some lectures and doing various activities in groups.

A bit after 13 on Saturday we were back in Stockholm, I took the train home to Uppsala and took a nap. I didn’t get that many hours of sleep the previous night and we were going to a birthday party in the evening.

Today I have had quite a hangover, I’m not used to drinking two evenings in a row anymore. So I haven’t got that much done. We watched the season premiere of Heroes though, hopefully season 2 will be as good as the first season, and we went out for dinner and a cup of tea with a friend.

Quite a nice Sunday actually.

What have you done this weekend?