Missed me?

So the server broke down again, big surprise eh?

This time it went offline sometime early Monday morning. I turned it back on when I got up but the network services didn’t start up properly. Not that it mattered much though, when I got home the machine was off again.

I had a look at the server and it booted fine and worked for a while until it started to spew screen-full after screen-full of low level disk access errors. I was worried that it was the hard drive (naturally the one containing all the backups) that was broken but it seems like it might have just been the Serial-ATA cable that mysteriously broke itself between Sunday and Monday.

With another cable I managed to copy the data off the drive and move it to my new server solution. A VPS! Last week I ordered a VPS from GleSYS. I’ve had a few VPS:es before and I like the total control you get with one. It’s basically like having a server at home except that I don’t have to worry about the hardware breaking! Something I’m more than willing to pay for after all the problems the last few weeks!

Yesterday I got Nginx and WordPress to play nice together so now most of the sites should be back online.

Please let me know if something got broken during the move!