Unit testing actionscript

How hard can it be for the people at Adobe to realize that it would very useful if the flash player supported a headless mode?

Apparently it’s not even on the roadmap according to a guy in this thread on the ActionScript 3 FlexUnit Library mailing list.

The lack of this fundamental function makes it difficult to integrate running action script unit tests with a continuous integration setup like CruiseControl which usually runs on some headless (i.e. no graphical environment) unix server in a basement/hosting facility.

There are a few workarounds, like require that the build machine has a graphical environment or communicate via XML sockets to another host which has a flash player running.

None of these are acceptable solutions, only horrible hacks needed because Adobe fails to see the following simple concept:

Easy to run unit tests => More unit tests written => Higher quality => Flash more seriously considered as an alternative to Java, C++, Delphi etc.

Please Adobe, give us a headless mode.