About a year ago I bought David Allen’s Getting Things Done book. I started to read it but I never got through it. I’m not really sure why, but it just didn’t stick to me for some reason. However, I liked the idea behind the book and I’ve come across GTD in blogs and articles since then.

Due to a reorganization at work I have now suddenly got a lot more things to do. The first few days it felt like chaos. Emails kept dropping in and people were standing in a queue with questions they wanted answered or with requests for things they wanted to get done. It was overwhelming and I felt like I was going mad trying to keep track of everything.

This gave me a reason to give David Allen’s solution another try. I googled around a bit for a program to help me get started and people were writing about this new piece of software from OmniGroup called OmniFocus. I read more about it and it seemed like the perfect match for me but it is still in closed beta and not available for anyone to try.

Fortunately they pick people from the mailing list for the beta, so I signed up for the mailing list and the next day I got an invite in my inbox!

The first time you start the program it’s easy to feel a bit lost. The good guys at OmniGroup have thought about this and made an introduction video that explains the basic usage of this powerful application.

I haven’t even used the program for a week yet and already I can’t imagine life without it. It’s a life-changing experience to finally be able to relax safely knowing that I don’t have keep all loose-ends in my head any more. They are all captured by the system and OmniFocus makes it’s a breeze to handle it all.