I haven’t been sick for ages so I guess it was about time. Sunday evening I started to feel a bit feverish, but I shrugged it off, went to bed and went to work on Monday feeling quite alright. Monday afternoon I started to feel the same fever symptoms again combined with a headache.

In the evening I went to the climbing gym, fully realizing that I would probably not be able to climb anything but I thought that if I tried I can easily feel if something was indeed wrong and of course it was. As soon I tried anything that required a bit of power there was none to have at all. So I settled with just doing some easy routes not even breaking a sweat and mostly acting belay-monkey when Camilla climbed.

This morning I felt no better so I decided to stay home from work. It’s been a bit up and down during the day. At times I’ve felt almost fine but other times I’ve felt hot like a sauna radiator with someone banging a hammer inside of my head, so I guess I’ll be home at least another day.

Well, it gives me time to catch up on the laundry and some tv series, so it’s not all bad!