Scary macs

I’ve been trying to get a mac at work for three years now. So far I’ve not had much success, but now finally things are starting to happen.

My current desktop computer at work doesn’t even have usb 2.0 so you can imagine it’s rather old and slow. Lately it’s been unbearable slow though with me having to wait 30 seconds each time I open a directory in the file explorer.

So my boss has realized that I need a new computer and I’ve convinced him that I would be happier and more productive with a mac. I placed an order for the new computer a few weeks ago and I got the order approved from my boss the very same day. I figured things would move along smoothly after that, but boy was I wrong.

Last week, about 2-3 weeks after I placed the order, I got a mail from the department handling all the in-house computer gear. They wanted a motivation from me why I need a mac and why a normal windows computer won’t do.

I thought that was quite odd because in my opinion that is between me and my boss. If he says it’s ok for me to get a mac why should they question his decision? On top of that, I don’t see the problem. If someone wants a mac, let him or her have one.

I found this whole procedure laughable and I quite much felt like only giving “my boss as approved it” as the motivation. But then I guess I would be lucky if I got a new computer at all, so I gave in and wrote a motivation last Friday.

Now I guess I have to wait a few weeks until I know if they were satisfied with the motivation and after that there will be another 2-3 months until I get the computer, if I’m lucky.

I’ve talked with the other guys at work who have ordered macs and the quickest turnaround from placement of order to delivery seems to be around three months, but it’s not unusual to have to wait five months or more.

That is incredibly ridiculous and next to discriminating! It’s like they make it slow and complicated just so people won’t chose a mac. Maybe they are afraid they’ll lose their jobs if more people run macs and won’t have to get help with their broken computers all the time.

Give me a credit card number and I’ll order the computer myself from the Apple Store. Then I’ll have it within a week or two and they won’t have to do anything.

For some reason the computer administrators at work see macs as some kind of threat!