Kristofer Åström and Christian Kjellvander at Katalin in Uppsala – the day after

The gig was super!

Kristofer had a flu but he was still great. There is something special with a man who alone with a guitar can fill a whole stage.

Christian was his charming self and really rocked us away when he didn’t make us hang to his every word in the slower songs.

The late gig and the couple of beers I drank made me really tired this morning and I slept like a log on the train. Camilla has been home from work the last few days due to a flu, and a lot of people at work are also more or less ill. So I wasn’t surprised when I’ve started to feel something growing in my throat this afternoon. Sigh. It wasn’t long ago I had my last flu, so my plan for tonight is to go to bed in a few minutes and hopefully wake up feeling alright and fully rested tomorrow morning!