Astounding end to UK championship semi-final

Mark Selby took an early lead and it looked more and more gloomy for Ronnie O’Sullivan. But then he managed to change the tide and draw even at 7-7. Ronnie won the next frame as well, and for the first time in the match he was in front. However, Mark Selby fought back the next frame and forced a 17th and deciding frame.

Ronnie O’Sullivan started the final frame and after the break off shot he had left a long red in black’s left corner for Mark Selby to attack. He couldn’t resist the attack but failed to pot the red leaving Ronnie a long red in black’s right corner.

Ronnie confidently potted the long red and then kept on doing red and black balls in rapid succession. Suddenly a maximum break is within reach and he’s not stopping! He goes on to win the final deciding frame in the semi-final by doing a maximum break. The man is great!

The final tomorrow between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Maguire is going to be interesting. They’ve met before with various results and Maguire has been playing quite good recently. The final starts tomorrow at around 15 on and they start to show it on Eurosport 1 at 21.