What’s the deal with fireworks?

There is still some time to kill before we’re going to the new year’s eve dinner and I’m sitting here wondering what it is that makes people like fireworks?

I admit. I like the visual fireworks too. They can be beautiful and magnificient! But what’s with the fireworks that just go BOOM?

I guess it’s an age thing. When I was a small kid I ran around all day disturbing the neighborhood with loud bangs. I thought it was the best thing in the world! Now as I’m a bit older I fail to see the fun in it though.

Alright, if you actually prepare some toy and blow it to pieces, there might be some point in it but most of the time the kids just do it for the noise. How can that be fun?

As a cat owner and living in a semi-big city, it’s always a problem at the end of the year. We are often away at some dinner or party and the cats are home alone getting more or less terrified from all the noise from the fireworks.

I usually leave the door to the closet in the bedroom open, so they can go in there and hide. That seems to work quite well. There are two of them too so they can comfort each other which is another good thing.

However, I’m still hoping for a quiet evening and I wish they would work on regulating who and where you can use fireworks.

Happy new year!