Back to work

Tomorrow morning at 6:10AM the alarm clock goes off and it’s time to go to work again.

The Christmas vacation that I’ve been looking forward to all autumn is suddenly over and it makes me a bit worried that I do not feel as rested as I think I should be. All the times I’ve felt tired and not got enough sleep the last few months I’ve thought that I’ll make up for it during the Christmas holiday.

Now the holiday is over and even though I’ve slept an hour or two more per night I hardly think I’ve made up for all the debt I’ve got. Neither did we have any days when we didn’t do anything at all. That is what I feel I miss the most. I need a few days off with nothing planned and nothing that requires doing. Some time when I can do whatever I feel like doing, or not doing, without having to feel bad about it.

That is what I miss. I guess I have to make another attempt to get a few days like that in the summer. It’s only six months left!