Home with another flu

I’m not sure what I got this time but when I got home after a hard climbing session Sunday evening I was all done for. I felt totally exhausted and I was freezing most of the evening. So I went early to bed figuring it was just the hard workout that had drained my body of energy. When Camilla joined me in the bed a bit later though she noticed I was hot like a stove even though I was shivering uncontrollable. Not a good sign, but I figured I would sleep it of and closed my eyes again.

In the morning the alarm went off and I felt quite fine. I got up, took a shower, got dressed and left for the train. The 20 minutes walk to the train didn’t feel to bad either and I sat down, turned on some music and prepared to semi-sleep my way to Stockholm.

Half way through the trip I started to feel dizzy. I pulled out the ear plugs but nothing changed. The sound of people talking faded into the distance, I started to lose my eye sight, everything was going black and I was sweating like I had just ran a 100 meter race.

Through some miracle of self control I managed to drag myself out of this slippery slope to unconsciousness and return to my seat. Not feeling too good anymore the last few minutes of the trip was quite unpleasant and it was with great relief I got out of the train into the fresh early morning air.

I realized there was no point in trying to work, I belonged home in bed. So after a quick breakfast at work, some phone calls and mails to arrange someone to cover for me. I took a train home and spent the rest of the day watching Battlestar Galactica.

That was my exciting Monday! Today it’s Tuesday and except for feeling generally exhausted and a light headache I’m feeling much better. Quite an odd flu if that’s what it was.