Got another flu

Yes, I’m sick again! It’s amazing, isn’t it?

After feeling a bit weird and more and more tired the last few days I started to feel a bit ill Tuesday evening and when I woke up Wednesday morning I had a fever. So now I’ve been home from work yesterday and today. Even though I feel better today the flu is still not all gone.

It’s not really surprising that I get sick so often though. I train quite hard, never have time to sleep enough due to the commute to work and I spend two hours a day sitting next to someone coughing or sneezing on the train to Stockholm and back.

Optimally I would need a job with flexible working times and working locations. With that I could make sure I got the necessary rest after the hard climbing sessions in the gym and hopefully being rested and fully recovered I would have the strength to withstand the latest mutation of the flu.

Apple’s release of the iPhone SDK gives some nice opportunities. Read Jens Alfke’s The Beauty Of 99¢ iPhone Apps article. Micropayments is the way of the future.

I, for example, have lately started to buy songs from the iTunes store just because it’s so convenient, just one click and you get the song you want in good quality. No need to browse through a lot of torrents looking for one that has the song in good quality ripped by someone with a clue.

If I would make a fairly successful program for the iPhone/iPod touch I could easily live on the money that would make me. That sounds easy, right? The problem is that I’m not the only one thinking like that, there’s going to be lots of guys trying to make the killer app for the iPhone. Quite a few of those guys with previous experience doing OS X applications.

I don’t doubt my coding abilities. It shouldn’t be too hard to write a bit of Objective C. What I’m more worried about is my total lack of ideas for what kind of application it would be.

It’s pretty hard to start coding something when you have no idea what to do, and that’s where I’m at right now. A game would obviously be fun to do, but making a good and unique game takes a lot of effort. I’m not ruling it out for now, but there might be something better and easier to do. I just need to figure out what that would be…

Any suggestions?