Tom McRae and the Hotel Cafe Tour 2008

Earlier I wrote that I was going to see Tom McRae and the Hotel Cafe Tour 2008 play in Södra Teatern in Stockholm.

The Hotel Cafe Tour

The gig was brilliant! One of the best concerts I have ever been too!

Tom McRae and his friends took turns on the stage playing a couple of songs each, in the end after almost three hours they had played four songs each except for Tom who got to both start the concert, finish it and play in the middle.

They were all good, Jim Bianco was quite funny, Cary Brothers sounded like he does on the TV series, Greg Laswell was limping around on stage, Catherine Feeny was the beauty and light of the set and Brian Wright was the energetic rocker

Tom playing the classic End Of The World News was my personal highlight of the evening. I used my mobile phone to record it and you can watch it below. Enjoy!