Steve McClure does Rhapsody easily and Trotter did it again

“Sonnie you little maggot, you should really try the route one more time, but this time, do it the way you always dreamed you would, placing those seven pieces of gear as you climb, from the bottom to the top, without error. Stop being a punter and git er done.”

So I did.

It took me two tries that day, but I linked Rhapsody again for the second time this week, placing all gear on lead and oddly enough, it felt easier. I didn’t wobble at the last move (the redpoint crux for sure) like last time. I felt solid dynoing for the sloper. It was the only way I would be entirely satisfied with myself. All of my hardest climbs I have placed gear on lead and this one was to be no exception, I needed complete closure.

You can read the rest of the entry, apparently written while waiting at Heathrow for the plane back to Canada, in Sonnie Trotter’s blog.

At UKClimbing we read that Steve McClure did Rhapsody during his second two day visit. That’s really impressive!