Spanish sun

The sun is shining outside the office in Uppsala. Hopefully that will soon bring to end these colder than normal February days and let spring in through the door.

Last year we were out climbing the 23rd of February. I think it was around +8 C, no wind and sunny, so at the sun facing crag it was very warm and pleasant. Unfortunately given the current condition and all the snow still left I don’t see us going climbing outdoors the coming weekend, nor any other weekend for quite some time.

Which is a shame because I’m starting to feel back in shape again and it would be fun to see how that translates to proper routes on rock.

If I had more vacation days a trip to Spain would have been nice. After a cold and rainy winter the weather seems to be shaping up nicely there now and Spain is such a lovely country with friendly people and brilliant climbing.


Above the village Sella on a sunny spring day.