Life saving keyboard shortcut in Eclipse

A look at the Window > Navigation menu reveals a number of ways to quickly navigate between the various views, editors, perspectives, and menus in the workbench. These commands have keyword accelerators such as Ctrl+F6 for switching between editors, Ctrl+F7 for switching between views, Ctrl+F8 for switching between perspectives, and F12 for activating the editor.

To directly navigate to a particular view you can define a keyboard shortcut to a view via the General > Keys

Help – Eclipse SDK

I have since I made the switch from IntelliJ IDEA to Eclipse longed for a shortcut to move the focus directly to the Project Explorer. Now I’ve found it!

Just go to Preferences > General > Keys and search for ‘project explorer’. Select the ‘Show View (View: Project Explorer)’ alternative and assign a binding for it. I used alt+<, which is easy to press with the left hand.

Now you can enjoy instant access to the Project Explorer from anywhere.