Two weeks off

Today I’ve made the decision to take two weeks off climbing to see if the pain in my right ring finger gets any better. With spring on the way I don’t want to do anything stupid and ruin the outdoor season.

I’ve been googing around a bit but I can’t really figure out what’s wrong with the finger. Dan’s “Need help with finger injury” question fits quite well, but unfortunately he doesn’t get any good answers.

The finger doesn’t hurt when I use crimpers nor on big open handed grips. However, big handle bar shaped jugs that puts the pressure in exactly the wrong spot of the finger hurts a lot.

This weekend I taped the middle part of the middle finger and it seemed to help as there was less pain and discomfort while climbing. But since that session I’ve had this odd uncomfortable feeling around the first joint and A4 pulley on the middle finger and that has naturally made me a bit worried.

So I’ve decided to skip this week’s sessions and next week we’re going skiing so no climbing then either. This together with anti-inflammatory oil on the finger three times a day should hopefully do the trick!