Högmässan 6 (toprope. The alternative more direct start), the mosquitoes where horrible so we escaped to the smaller upper wall which was a bit better, Great wall 6c+ (This route is all about micro crimps with bad feet, so good exercise for me. I got about two-thirds up before I got shut down by a long stretch up to the left from a tiny list because I had nowhere to place my feet. Camilla being a bit shorter got her feet higher up and managed to do the move without too much difficulty), Orange mecanique 7a (another micro crimp route but with some laybacking and lots of body tension added so it suited me better. It was hard in the middle though where I did an acrobatic maneuver to get my right foot high so I could reach up with my right hand but after I got the gaston I couldn’t move an inch without flying off. So I guess I need to work on the body tension.)