Jennie 6a+ (I took repeated falls on this planned warmup onsight. The route didn’t suit me at all with lots of odd moves and strange body positions), Utan känslor 6b+ (95% of the route is easy but I think the crux was quite stiff for the grade and I had huge problems clipping the anchor because my fingers were so pumped), Bror Duktig 6b (onsight. Finally I managed to get up a route! Rather easy with jugs all the way though a bit steeper at the end), Gylta 6c+ (I gave this route one real try, the first time up I had to hang at a few places to figure out the sequences. On the redpoint attempt I had clipped the last bolt and only had the long stretch to the good crimp left but I couldn’t get my feet correct for the turn-in and lock-off from the crappy sidepull for the left hand. Next time!)