Summer flu

I think I’ve ended up with some kind of summer flu. I’m not sure how it happened but it started on Saturday when I didn’t have any energy or strength when we were out climbing. On Sunday it got worse with me feeling somewhat nauseous all day combined with a headache and pain in the muscles and joints. I had no energy at all and felt all exhausted the whole day.

When I woke up Monday morning I felt more tired than the previous night but I still somehow managed to drag myself to work and in the evening we went climbing indoors as planned. Naturally that went quite crap as my fingers and joints were sore already before I started to climb but I’m a stubborn man so I did climb a bit. However, we cut the session short as we quickly got totally wasted.

This morning my foggy head finally felt a bit clearer and I actually had some energy left when I went home from work this afternoon. Hopefully that means I’ll feel even better tomorrow and I’ll be rid of this strange flu shortly.