Torrentflux vs transmission

I wanted a simple web interface for a single person to use to control bittorrent downloads on my home server.

First I tried TorrentFlux. With plenty of features and multi user support it’s a complicated beast to set up with apache and mysql requirements. Luckily my home machine is now running the latest ubuntu release so all I had to do was

apt-get install torrentflux

But all the features comes with a price of a more complex user interface and behind the web interface it uses the somewhat limited BitTornado client.

When I found the Transmission packages for linux I was sold! I used to use Transmission on my mac and I loved it. Now packaged as a linux daemon with a built-in web interface it’s the perfect solution for me.

So if you’re looking for a simple way to remotely control bittorrent downloads on your linux machine I highly recommend Transmission.