The buzz that wasn’t

Maybe you’ve heard about Google Buzz? It was introduced the other day.

Google’s aim with Buzz is to solve the problem with too much information and too low signal to noise ratio in the current social platforms like facebook and twitter. I was quite late to join twitter and so far I’m only following 76 other people but already I feel that it’s too much information coming in. Breakfast here, coffee there, someone going in a train somewhere, someone else at an airport. So much information it takes forever to keep track of it all.

However, I can’t ignore it because in between all the non-interesting things there are useful stuff like links, news updates, technology hints, opinions about something from someone I value. Small pieces of valuable information that I can use, that might be valuable at work, or just entertaining. It is these gems hidden in the information flow that makes it worth using facebook and twitter. It’s these gems that Google using their massive experience in search and finding relevant answers to queries try to make more accessible through their Google Buzz service.

Imagine a world where you just have to read the real interesting pieces of information and the boring social trivia stuff is automatically hidden away.

What a bliss!

Unfortunately Google is only rolling out Buzz to GMail users. The rest of us, like me, who have figured out that Google Apps is the perfect way to handle email for your personal domain are left out in the cold. According to this thread in the Google Help forum Buzz will be available to Google Apps users “…some time soon, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.”

Which makes all us Google Apps users feel like second class citizens.