Alex Honnold and Uli Steck making a run at the Nose speed record

The big news today as reported by Tom Evans in the ElCap Report for the 19th of May on his excellent ElCap Report site.

Alex Honnold and Uli Steck teaming up to make a run at the Nose record and National Geographic is there to film it!

The big news of the day was Alex Honnold and Uli Steck teaming up to make a run at the Nose record, set last year by Hans and Yuji at 2:37:05. The two met last night for the first time and were on the route by 8:20am. Alex lead the parts that I could see, wearing a pack no less, as he had done the route several times and Uli climbed second, never having been on the route. National Geographic is filming the event and the local boys are getting the manual labor done. Ropes are strung down the face to the Great Roof for the film crew. Local Mikie Schafer is working on the filming and directing.

Anyway the lads were out for a familiarization run today and looked to have learned a lot of what not to do! They passed a horde of climbers along the way with no difficulties. They threw down an impressive 4:45 for their first climb together. They are going tomorrow for another run and then we will see what their schedule will be.

Be sure to follow the ElCap Report to see how the drama unfolds. This will be exciting!