Sparrow the new Gmail interface?

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When I first read about Sparrow I was a bit skeptical. Why would I want a native mail client for my Gmail mail, there is nothing wrong with Google’s web interface. I’ve used it for years and always been happy with it.

To buy Sparrow when I felt so satisfied with my current setup felt very distant but yesterday I found out that there is a free version of Sparrow that shows ads and is limited to one gmail account, so suddenly I had no reason not to try it out.

It’s a fresh look on your inbox. If you’ve used a twitter client you will feel right at home but it actually works surprisingly well for email as well. The keyboard navigation is a killer, the only thing I have to use the mouse for is to resize the preview window. I know that Gmail has keyboard shortcuts as well, but for some reason they feel more natural in Sparrow.

I’ve gone from “What would I need that for” to “Maybe I should actually buy the full version” after using it for one day. I think that shows how great Sparrow is.

Give it a try, it’s free!