Petzl Roctrip Millau 2006

The famous rock climbing event, featuring all the best world climbers:
Chris Sharma, Lynn Hill, Dany Andrada, Said Belaj, Tony Lamiche, Charlotte Durif, Berta Martin, Sean Mc Coll and many others…

Watch it here

Handling climbing gear

When googling around yesterday I found this thing called a Trad Rollup, which seems to be a great way to get all the gear to and back from the cliff without causing a mess in the backpack. The question is if anyone knows where one can buy one of these Trad Rollups?

The California Roll is an alternative though we don’t have nearly enough gear for such a big thing and it’s more expensive as well. But still, anything is better than the mess we have now. Unfortunately I have no idea from where to get one of those either.

Trad climbing

Trad climbing

In the beginning of this week we finally got the trad gear we had ordered. Wednesday evening we went out to Dalkarskärret to play with all the new shiny toys. And it was lots of fun! A bit scary at first but the second climb was much easier.

It’s something special with traditional climbing, a special kind of freedom, that makes it exciting in a different way compared to sports climbing. Or maybe it’s just fun because it’s something new. Anyhow, hopefully we’ll go out tonight again!

La Sportiva – Tora

Easter Monday I made my outdoor climbing debut at Dalkarskärret outside of Uppsala. It was harder than I thought it would be but not too bad. We all enjoy a bit of a challenge, don’t we?

Actually, crack climbing is way different from the indoor climbing I’ve done during the winter, so I need to adjust my technique accordingly. Yesterday we were out climbing in Hagby and it went much better, so I think I’m getting the hang of it now. It’s still a bit awkward though and I don’t feel comfortable doing some of the moves yet, but I’m sure it will get better with more practise.

This is what my shoes looked like after Dalkarskärret (to tell the truth they were a bit broken before that already).

So I get myself new La Sportiva – Tora shoes:

They are not only comfortable to wear, they are great to climb with too!

Climbing gear

I’ve picked up a new hobby climbing. It’s mad fun!

At first I was a bit skeptical but I went to a try-out session which was alright, so I signed up for the compulsory course to be allowed to climb indoors at Stallet in Uppsala. After the course when I was free to climb by myself it started to be a lot more fun. Suddenly it’s all about competing with yourself and it’s fun to see the progress from time to time. What felt impossible the previous time is a piece of cake the next. It’s amazing.

Naturally you need quite some amount of equipment. I bought the following which is quite good beginner-level stuff:

  • Snap Open Air harness
  • Free climbing Redpoint shoes
  • Faders HMS screwgate carbiner
  • Snap Cyclop belay device
  • Snap Vexcap chalk bag

I’ve used the new equipment for two sessions now and so far it’s worked perfectly.

Now I’m just waiting for the spring so I can try outdoor climbing but for now, during the cold dark Swedish winter, indoor climbing will have to do.