Monza – race

Kimi’s left rear tire could unfortunately not take the pressure from his heavy car due to the one-stop strategy they were forced to use because of the changed engine before the qualifying. So the one extra forced pitstop visit ruined the day. A fourth place can usually be quite ok but not when Alonso ended up second.

Monza qualifying

So something broke (or was about to break) in the engine in Kimi’s McLaren and they ended up having to change it before the qualifying, and he ends up starting from 11th position instead of from the pole which he deserved after doing what was required from him in the qualifying earlier today. Of course it makes for a more exciting race for us to watch tomorrow but Kimi has got an amazingly huge amount of bad luck. You really have to feel sorry for the guy.

After living in Finland for four years he naturally became the guy to cheer for in Formula 1 as there, for some reason, is a total lack of swedish drivers. Could it be that the long, dark and cold winters in Finland give the finnish drivers more of a death-wish than the Swedish ones? 😉