Introducing Flash Player 9 Update 3

Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3 introduces many features that provide new capabilities for any type of SWF content creator, including enhancements for developers, designers, and video professionals. To find out what you can do with this latest version (9,0,115,0), first read this overview and then take a look at the Flash Player 9 demo to see specific features in action.

Adobe – Developer Center : Introducing Flash Player 9 Update 3

Learning ActionScript

I’ve been playing around with ActionScript the last few days at work. After you’ve learned the basics, like how to use Adobe Flex Builder and where to find the API documentation, it’s pretty easy. It takes a while to understand the display system and the proper way to do things and it’s really hard to get good results when searching for something on Google. Once you get through that though ActionScript is very powerful and a lots of fun.

Naturally among the first things I did was scrolling stars. Next was a 3D star field. After that I found Papervision3D, an open source 3D engine for the Flash platform, and doing a spinning cube with that engine is a piece of cake.

You can zoom in and out by pressing ctrl and using the mousewheel (I’m not sure if the mousewheel zooming works on a mac because I found a few workarounds for macs on google). It’s not one of the best photos of me though…

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”400″ width=”400″ /]