Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Order

We finally watched the movie last night, and I must say that I’m disappointed. The books don’t really work as movies any longer.

When the first movie came out it was fun and exciting to see how they had translated the Harry Potter universe to a movie screen. The somewhat lacking story didn’t matter all that much. However, the further we get in the series the longer and more complex the books get and that makes it harder if not impossible to turn them into good movies.

To fit the books into a movie they have to cut away all the character building parts so when you for example see the members of the Order of the Phoenix you have no idea of who is who. You also miss a lot of Harry’s problems growing up and his relationships with his friends and the rest of the students.

All of these are important ingredients in the story and they also play important roles later on in the series but they are missing completely, making the movie just a story about Harry feeling more alone that ever with a sense that he has to find something before Voldemort finds it.

The Order of the Phoenix was a very confusing movie to watch. Mind you, that I have read the book. I had to explain quite a few things to Camilla, who hasn’t read the book, for her to be able to follow along with the plot.

I will still watch the rest of the movies but my expectations will be lower. The latter books are even more complex and I doubt that will translate any better to the big screen.

The title of the 7th Harry Potter book is out!

JK Rowling gave us an early Christmas present. After posting the latest diary entry in which she tells us about the progress on the seventh book, some dedicated fans found out how to open a previously locked door on the site and behind that door you get to play hangman to guess the title.

Over at MuggleNet you can find detailed instructions on how to open the door and in the forums there’s a huge discussion about the new title that continues in this new thread.