JCP Approves Groovy Language JSR: Sun endorses language

JCP Approves Groovy Language JSR: Sun endorses language. This is interesting, maybe Groovy can make coding in Java fun again! I had a quick look at Groovy sometime during the autumn and I liked what I saw, however, I thought it would end up being just another scripting language for Java, dwarfed by bigger players like Jython, JRuby and BeanShell but now with the approved JSR Groovy has suddenly become the official scripting language for the Java platform.

Sun launches a Java for Linux community. They do it to make sure that Linux remains as one of the primary Java platforms. I, as a long time Linux supporter, think this is a good thing, but I’m not sure how much a community helps, however, maybe it can help bringing linux to the attention of more Java vendors.

I just noticed that Chris DiBona of slashdot “fame” is the editor for this community. It will be interesting to see what he can accomplish with it.

I would personally like to see linux more accepted on the server side for java application deployments.

Jodd – Java library

Today I stumbled across Jodd which is a generic Java library. Seems quite useful to me, maybe I’ll even use it when I’ll do something in Java in the future.

Scripting in Java

Groovy seems to be quite interesting. One of the things I dislike with the Java language is that it’s so verbose, it’s a pain to code in it without using an IDE. Groovy seems to correct that while still remaining java-like and it can generate standard Java bytecode.

Thanks to Eric Foster-Johnson for the link.