Packing, packing, packing

This weekend we’re moving into the house we’ve been renovating the last few months. The living room and the bedroom are ready. The old kitchen is gone but we haven’t even started on the new kitchen yet. We did setup a temporary kitchen so we’ll still be able to cook some food for the time being.

Moving means putting all your stuff in boxes, so that is pretty much all we have been doing the past week. I think we are on track for Saturday but there’s still plenty to do tonight and tomorrow evening…

If you think it’s been a bit silent here on the blog you know what I’ve been busy doing.

Mystery drawer

We all have a drawer in which we put all the miscellaneous items we have nowhere else to put. It’s the perfect solution. All the weird things are hidden from sight and promptly forgotten.

I was cleaning this drawer the other day and I found this.


It’s the business card I got at my first job eight years ago. There was no chance I would use up the huge piles of cards I got, so for a while I used to write the grocery shopping list on the backside. But in the end the cards got placed in the “mystery drawer” never to be used again.

Another thing I found was a piece from the brake handle of the scooter Camilla rented on Kalymnos.


The easiest way to get around on the Greek islands is usually to rent a scooter. However, if you haven’t driven one before it can be a harrowing experience. Especially going up or down the steep gravel hills to the climbing crags.

That’s what happened to Camilla. Being careful she was going a bit to slow downhill and the slower you go the trickier it is to keep the heavy scooter in balance. So she wanted to stop. However, stopping in the middle of a steep downhill section is hard if not impossible for us inexperienced bikers.

The result was that she and the scooter toppled over. Luckily she didn’t get hurt and all that happened to the scooter was that the piece of the brake handle you can see above fell off.

When returning the scooters we charmed the guy renting us the scooters and told him a story of the scooter falling over when parked in the soft gravel at some crag so we got out of paying for the broken handle.


Just when I start to feel like the normal me after yesterday’s wedding with following dinner it’s time to go to bed and tomorrow starts yet another work week.

But it was part of the plan that this Sunday wouldn’t be good for anything. We spent quite a bit of the day in the sofa watching the first two episodes from season 2 of Californication, the formula 1 race from Belgium and after dinner we saw the new X Files: I Want to Believe movie. I don’t think it was anything extra special, it felt more like a double episode from the series, and I had expected more from a full-length movie.

Oh, and I deployed a new version of xinews with support for tags!

Well, time for bed. Good night!


Not much has happened the last few days. Unfortunately no climbing was possible due to a few promised undertakings so I’ve spent most of the weekend either coding on xinews (the automatic identification of related news items from different sources is almost ready), watching Top Gear or reading the last part of the excellent Swedish crime novel Millennium serien.

Hopefully it will be possible for some climbing tomorrow evening.


Today I made the transition from being 30 sharp to being 30+. Quite an odd sensation. Almost more so than going from being 29 years old to 30 as I did last year.

After an excellent dinner made by Camilla together with the rest of the family I’m enjoying a bit of whisky before retiring to bed with a good book.

It’s been quite a nice birthday so far!

Back at work

Today was the first day back at work after three weeks of summer vacation. It took two cups of strong coffee this morning before my brain could formulate a coherent thought. And until after lunch before my inbox was empty again (How to manage an ever growing inbox).

Now it’s time to go home and catch up on the sleep I lost due to the alarm clock this morning and start counting the days until the next summer vacation!


Det ettriga lågtryck som passerade södra Sverige under måndagen den 4 augusti får anses vara ett av de värsta sommarovädrena vi upplevt. Så här i början av augusti är sådana här oväder ovanliga och uppträder statistiskt endast en gång var tjugonde år. – Väder.

Givetvis har jag en sen semester just det året. Väldigt typiskt!

The summer vacation so far

The second week of my three week long summer vacation just started and as I haven’t written that much lately I thought I would give a brief summary of what has happened so far.

We kicked off the vacation on Saturday by going climbing in Skevik. I finally got to know where the Icones 6c+ route goes so I led it with a few hangs as warm-up. When the others had done it on top-rope it was my turn to lead it for real. I did alright up to the thin part of the upper crux where I didn’t know where to place my right foot. I placed it wrong and lost my balance when I reached with my hand.

I was a bit above the last bolt and fell like 6-7 meters. The fall got longer because Camilla got lifted way clear of the ground. But it’s good exercise to take a long fall every now and then!

On Sunday we had time to order our new kitchen from Ikea before leaving to the summer cottage just outside of Mora.

In between reading in the sun, swimming in the lake and a tour to the top of the local mountain, we had time for two trips to Vitturn for climbing. Vitturn is a small sport climbing crag in Älvdalen, about an hour with car from the cottage. The first day we had excellent conditions, overcast and not to warm. I onsighted two 6b routes, one 6a mixed route and failed when trying to onsight two 6b+ routes. So quite a decent day for me.

On the second climbing day we were promised “high clouds” and decent temperatures. Unfortunately the clouds went missing and the sun was beating down on us. At around 30 degrees in the shade and most of the crag in direct sun we were melting away. I onsighted two traditional routes, one 5c (as warmup) and one 5a. Except for that I didn’t get much done all day. We tried Sarajevo by night 7a but I had no chance in the heat and fell off constantly. We moved on to Sköna myran 6c+ which I almost did when I was feeling hangover on the midsummer day. Today it was impossible even on toprope. Next we tried Variant av Fungus 6c, but still no good. It sounds like we suck, which I guess we might do, but I blame the sun for the disaster day.

We had actually planned for a third climbing day but the forecast for Saturday said constant rain and SMHI was right for once. So I spent the day indoors reading instead. Now we’ve almost tried all routes at Vitturn so on the next visit to Dalarna we might check out the climbing at Wäsaberget. But as I can’t find a guide over the area that will be an exciting adventure.

Since we got back from the cottage Camilla has cleaned her old apartment for the photo shoot tomorrow. The ad on the net will go out later this week and hopefully the apartment will get sold without too much problems. I’ve finished the paperwork for my old car and it’s now officially sold.


We spent the weekend in our cottage just outside of Mora in Dalarna. It was so nice to get away from everything and just take it easy for a few days. We did manage to squeeze in a day of climbing, though as we were both more or less hangover from the evening before we didn’t perform to good. I was close to doing a very fine 6c+ route but the incoming rain made my last attempt a bit stressed and I did one mistake too many at the end.

Next time I’ll do that route for sure!