300 sit-ups

Tonight I did 300 sit-ups! 2 x 50 straight up, 2 x 50 right side and 2 x 50 left side.

I’m mighty proud but worried how my stomach will feel tomorrow. It’s already hurting quite a bit…

Back to work again

Unfortunately my summer vacation has come to an end and tomorrow it’s back to the normal work routine again. Plaah.

I better go take a shower and go to bed if should have any chance of getting up at 06:05 tomorrow morning. Good night!

Summer vacation

I’m still on vacation!

This year I chose a late vacation which I guess with the rainy July was a wise choice. Though it still feels odd to have vacation when everyone else is working. If that wasn’t enough the schools started this week in Sweden, so the other day when I took walk in the park to get a bit of sun it was just me and the retired people there. Quite scary if I may say so!

I noticed the same later in the grocery store. It was me, the old people and the moms home on parental leave. I felt quite out of place…

Good morning

It’s something about having summer vacation that makes me incredibly tired. The alarm clock rang this morning and I still felt dead tired after nine hours of sleep so I figured I would move the alarm forward 15 minutes or so. However, in my zombie state I managed to set it to go off at 8:03 tomorrow morning instead. I have no idea how I did that!

Luckily I had asked Camilla to call and make sure I was up, so her phone call woke me up about half an hour ago.


Igår fyllde jag år och det firade jag och den närmaste familjen med att gå ut och äta en god middag på restaurang Carl Philip i Uppsala.


Givetvis så kunde jag inte undvika att få några födelsedagspresenter. Jag fick ett presentkort på IKEA som jag ska använda till en ny fåtölj. Sen fick jag något intressant och väldigt oväntat. Ett tandemflyg från Åreskutan!

Det känns lite läskigt och obehagligt men det ska bli spännande! Och det blir en prefekt ursäkt för att åka upp till Åre för lite mer skidåkning nästa vinter.



10 km in 52.02. Not too bad for an old man like me! My legs are a bit sore today though…


Monday morning and I don’t have to get up and go to work. Weee!

It’s soon 12 and I’ve just about finished my breakfast. It was this morning when the alarm clock rang at 9 and I just turned it off and went back to sleep that I realized that hey, I have vacation now! Sweet.

Three weeks of relaxing, sun and having fun. This is going to be great!