Jamie Zawinski on Android and development for Android

I just love jwz‘s hate for android and its development tools. He’s not one to mince his words!

I don’t own and don’t plan to own any Android devices, because frankly I think it sucks. Beyond that, a few years ago, I tried to install a dev kit to play around with it, and it was such a Linux-in-1995-level horror show that I never tried again.

This from a post where he bashes Apples for rejecting his port of XScreenSaver to iOS.

Goce satellite maps the Earth’s gravity in unprecedented precision

A European spacecraft that skims the upper reaches of the atmosphere has mapped Earth’s gravity with unrivalled precision. The map shows how the pull of gravity varies minutely over the surface of the Earth, from deep ocean trenches to majestic mountain ranges.

The measurements have allowed scientists to create a computer model called a geoid that reveals what Earth would look like if its shape were altered to make gravity equal at every point on the surface.

Goce satellite maps the Earth’s gravity in unprecedented precision | Science | guardian.co.uk

Maybe this should be a factor for the World Records in track and field.

Sparrow the new Gmail interface?

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When I first read about Sparrow I was a bit skeptical. Why would I want a native mail client for my Gmail mail, there is nothing wrong with Google’s web interface. I’ve used it for years and always been happy with it.

To buy Sparrow when I felt so satisfied with my current setup felt very distant but yesterday I found out that there is a free version of Sparrow that shows ads and is limited to one gmail account, so suddenly I had no reason not to try it out.

It’s a fresh look on your inbox. If you’ve used a twitter client you will feel right at home but it actually works surprisingly well for email as well. The keyboard navigation is a killer, the only thing I have to use the mouse for is to resize the preview window. I know that Gmail has keyboard shortcuts as well, but for some reason they feel more natural in Sparrow.

I’ve gone from “What would I need that for” to “Maybe I should actually buy the full version” after using it for one day. I think that shows how great Sparrow is.

Give it a try, it’s free!



Vildsvin rullat i hasselnötter och timjan med puré av rotselleri, potatis och getost. Till detta en mustig rödvinssås och stekt brysselkål!


Is Samsung Blocking Updates To Android 2.2?

Is Samsung Blocking Updates To Froyo? – Slashdot

“But now a disturbing rumor has it that Samsung is strong-arming T-Mobile to prevent an over-the-air upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) for Samsung Vibrant owners. The reason? Samsung wants people to shell out for the new Vibrant 4G — which, other than the fact that it ships running Froyo, is largely identical to the Vibrant.’”

This is just confirming that the carriers have (or think they have) too much power over the Android phones.