Hibernate vs. Rails: The Persistence Showdown

TheServerSide.com – Hibernate vs. Rails: The Persistence Showdown

I would say that comparing these two is like comparing apples and oranges. They are designed to address different problems. Rails’ persistence engine is made with the aim of being as easy as possible to use. Hibernate feels more like it’s trying to be the kitchen sink of ORM tools. That doesn’t have to mean it’s bad in any way, just that it’s trying to address and solve a bigger and different problem than Rail’s built-in ORM support.

So in a way it’s quite unfair to compare the two but it does highlight the differences.


Alright, I need to get rid of the pile of links I’ve collected for blogging but not got around to, so here’s a monster link blog.

Nice – a better Java?

I found the Nice programming language yesterday and it seems amazing! After a quick glance I believe it corrects most of the annoyances with Java while remaining compatible by generating normal Java bytecode.

On the other hand, if one is leaving Java but staying on the Java platform one can use Jython instead and gain even more.


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