Flying cube

Today I got my three KVR133X64C3/512 memory modules and after replacing the existing 192 MB of memory in the cube with my current 1.5 GB setup, the cube is a joy to use again. It’s amazing what a big difference a little bit of memory can do.

php | tropics

Join us for php|tropics 2005, an exciting 5-day (4-night) conference at the awesomely all-inclusive Moon Palace Resort near Cancun, Mexico between May 11th and 15th, 2005.

php | tropics

Drinks are included in the price! Sounds quite dangerous 😉

PEAR :: NotificationCenter

PEAR :: PEPr :: Details :: NotificationCenter

A notification center acts as a notification dispatch table. It is used to notify other objects of interesting things, if they meet certain criteria. This information is encapsulated in Notification objects.

Client objects register themselves with the notification center as observers of specific notifications posted by other objects. When an event occurs, an object posts an appropriate notification to the notification center. The notification center dispatches a message to each registered observer, passing the notification as the sole argument.

That sounds really cool and useful. Let’s hope it goes through the PEAR voting process