Gustavbergs hamn

Soligt och fint nu men tidigare idag blev vi dränkta av ett skyfall. Lite sol och värme har vi dock fått och som tur var gick det att klättra.


It is not that visible in the photo but when I looked at my shoes at the end of yesterday’s climbing I found a huge hole. It’s rather odd because it’s nowhere near the edge.

My best guess is that it happened during one of my falls but the rock isn’t really that sharp so I don’t know. Pretty odd.

Now I’m out of good climbing shoes so today I’m ordering another pair of la sportiva solutions. I love that model though the colors are horrible! But I’m not looking forward to the pain of breaking in the new shoes.

New friends

It was really hot running today after work but I met some nice guys that were quite friendly!


Why did I put my shoes up there last night?