Behind the special effects in Tron Legacy

I was tickled that I got emacs into a block buster movie. I actually do use emacs irl, and although I do not subscribe to alt.religion.emacs, I think that’s all incredibly relevant to the world of Tron.

jtnimoy – Tron Legacy (2010)

Fascinating to read how the computer generated special effects were made for Tron Legacy.

I still haven’t seen the movie though.

Slow start of the new year

After quite a bit of champagne on New Year’s Eve we spent most of yesterday in front of the TV.

First we watched Black Cat, White Cat from the comfort of our gracious hosts’ sofa. An intensive, hysterical and brilliant movie. If you, like me, haven’t seen it do so!

After we got home we watched an episode of Navy CIS and some Whale Wars before we made dinner and watched a double episode of Navy CIS before ending the evening with The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

Quite a nice day of doing nothing. A good start of the new year!

Män som hatar kvinnor


Vi såg filmatiseringen av Stieg Larssons Män som hatar kvinnor bok i fredags och jag är faktiskt imponerad. Det är ovanligt att svenska filmer lämnar någon slags bestående avtryck men i detta fall har dom gjort ett riktigt bra jobb med att överföra bokens spänning och obehag till film utan att behöva påverka handlingen på ett negativt sätt.

Har du läst boken så behöver du inte vara orolig för att bli besviken om du går och ser filmen, och har du inte läst boken så gå och se filmen och läs boken efter det!

Quantum Of Solace

We watched the latest James Bond movie yesterday and in my opinion there is something fundamentally flawed with the story which they try to cover up with way too many action sequences.

So quite a disappointment really.

The Prestige


We went and saw The Prestige yesterday.

I really liked the movie, though the ending left more to wish for. You will know what I mean if you go and see it, which I recommend you to do! I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just leave it at that.

The atmosphere in the movie is great and the costumes and sets are amazing to see. On top of that Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman play their roles perfectly so the two hours pass in what feels like minutes.