Wide angle winter

Yesterday when I woke up the sun was shining from a blue sky so I decided to postpone the planned trip to the climbing gym and instead take a long walk with my Nikon D40 and Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 lens.

I’ve had the Sigma lens since midsummer last year and even though I’ve used it quite a bit I still find the framing to be difficult with such a wide angle lens. I guess it just takes a while to get used to, or maybe you need to be a better photographer to use it right, I don’t know.

Anyway, I got some decent photos and a lovely walk in the spring warm sun. The Sigma lens seems to give some artefacts when shooting straight into the sun. I guess I shouldn’t be doing that but it’s hard not to when I haven’t seen the sun for months!



Untouched snow




The photo I’m the most happy with I didn’t take with the Nikon though but with the Canon S90 using the macro mode. I think this will be my new desktop wallpaper after the Uppsala by night photo I’ve used for a while.


Winter Night


Standing on the windy freezing hill Camilla graciously let me take photos for a few minutes before she wanted us to start the walk back to our more pleasantly warm house.

Vinterns premiärtur

Vaknade lite sent på lördagsmorgonen till blå himmel, sol och nästan -20 grader ute. Kollade isplanket och UNT:s israpport och såg att det på fredagen hade plogats på Ekoln från Skarholmen till Hammarskog och dessutom var en 2 km slinga plogad i Dalbyviken.

Det var inte svårt att övertala Camilla och efter en snabb frukost så började vi leta fram alla långfärdsskridskogrejor.

Solen sken i Skarholmen när vi gjorde oss redo för avfärd.



Till Vreta Udd så var det mesta dels bra is efter det blev det betydligt sämre och värst var nästan den plogade slingan i Dalbyviken.


Mästerskrinnaren vilar lite.


Väl framme vid Hammarskog så kände vi oss ganska nedkylda så vi beslutade oss att ta en kopp kaffe med tillbehör.


Det fick dock bli en snabbfika för att hinna tillbaka till Skarholmen innan solen gick ner.

Med en sol på väg ner i ryggen så var turen tillbaka lite kyligare men färgerna desto vackrare.





Väl hemma igen var det skönt med en öl i bastun efter en underbar vinterdag på isen!

Happy new year


Bollinger – the champagne James Bond drinks, is what we will drink tonight. We will have to do with a Special Cuvée though, maybe we’ll try La Grande Année next year but it’s four times as expensive.

Winter running


Running during winter time can be beautiful like today but an air temperature of -10 Celsius makes breathing rather painful. Usually the good feeling you get after the run outweighs the pain of actually running, but today was a bit too cold for that.



This beautiful car stood there all alone on the empty parking lot in the morning sun.

Winter landscape


The sudden arrival of a real winter with snow that stays on the ground for days without melting took us all by surprise. The snow turned the dark black autumn into a lovely light winter and everyone tries to make the most of it as long as it lasts.

Personally I hope the lakes will freeze so we can go out ice skating.

I’ve uploaded some more winter photos on flickr in my Winter 2009-2010 photo set.



Finally after a month of mostly rain and 0 to 5 degrees Celsius it got a bit colder yesterday. All the way down to minus 8 degrees. Still no sight of snow though and they promise warmer temperatures for next week.

Last year we started the ice skating season on New Year’s Eve. Might have to wait a bit longer this year.

Cute squirrel


I found this cute guy in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

Such an adorable little animal, don’t you think?