Man against machine

Phil Laak

The latest creation from the University of Alberta, the poker bot Polaris, is playing against Phil Laak and Ali Eslami in the first Man-Machine Poker Championship.

Yesterday they played the first two sessions with one draw and one win for Polaris! It will be exciting to see if the bot can continue with its relentless aggressive style for the last two sessions today or if Phil and Ali have figured out a counter strategy during the night.

Here you can follow the live updates.

Update: The humans won! See the results

Helan går och Herre på täppan

I aftonbladet kan vi läsa om de nya svenska översättningarna av engelska pokeruttryck.

Ett bra initiativ men vissa uttryck tycker jag är skrattretande. Som Helan går istället för All in och Herre på täppan när man är Chip leader. Men å andra sidan, Pottkanten istället för Bubble är ju riktigt bra!

Frågan är dock om man kan fortsätta att spela på Svenska Spels poker när dom börjar använda dessa uttryck. Känns lite tveksamt. Det blir svårt att koncentrera sig när man sitter och skrattar hela tiden.

Hold’em med små insatser

I’ve read the english version and I thought it was great but for some reason I don’t remember much and my game is far away from the suggested play in the book. So I thought I would give it another try and this time in swedish to see if that makes it easier. If you play low stakes limit holdem this is the book for you!

Online poker and packet loss – no good match

I have no plans for this evening so I figured I would play some poker online before watching a movie or two. But two disconnects later and a few lost dollars I noticed I have 12% packet loss to Canada today. That makes for a quite unreliable and jumpy connection, exactly what you don’t want when playing poker.

The problem seems to be on the other side of the atlantic, somewhere within or I guess that’s what I get for using bredbandsbolaget as my ISP. I wouldn’t mind a bit better peering on the other side of the pond.

To be fair I checked bredbandsbolaget’s website and they have reported that they have lost contact with one of the peering points in europe. So it might be that all the transatlantic traffic is going through a single overloaded pipe for now… Still, I can’t play any poker so I’ll go watch a movie instead.

Last night

One of the charms with playing nolimit Texas Hold’em is that one can always improve one’s game. However, at the end of an unsuccessful evening I, as a beginner, have a hard time telling if it was me playing bad or if I just had an unlucky night.

Everyone has unlucky nights every now and then in poker, but with our biweekly games being extremely loose I guess it’s even harder for me just starting to play the game to judge my progress.

But I’m quite sure I did the right thing folding pocket queens when a king came up on the flop. Wasn’t fun though as it was one of the few good hands I picked up during the night. But that’s poker! Better luck next time hopefully.