Jon Olsson Super Sessions at Solravinen, Åre

On Sunday we woke up to a brilliant spring day in Åre. Almost no wind and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky.

The Jon Olsson Super Sessions skiers spent the afternoon at the Step over kicker feature in Solravinen.

Step over kicker.jpg

An awesome location a 25 minute hike from the lifts and normal slopes with a spectacular backdrop!


The steep inrun and long airtime made for some seriously impressive tricks which was amazing to watch.

Åre 2007

I haven’t blogged anything the last couple of days, but that’s because we took a mini-vacation to Åre to visit my brother. We left Wednesday forenoon with SAS but the trip almost ended there because the bus we were supposed to take to the airport didn’t show up! Luckily for us there was a train leaving a few minutes later so we took that instead. A bit more expensive but we got to Arlanda with time to spare.

It’s late in the season for downhill skiing but there was still plenty of snow left. I got to borrow my brother’s excellent gear and on Thursday we had lots of fun. Considering it was like 15 years since I last stood on a pair of skis we started easy but it seems like skiing is a bit like cycling. If you’ve learnt it once you’ll know it forever.

It might not have looked that gracefully but I managed to quite easily get down the easier slopes. After lunch we went a bit further away from the base and got to ride with the new VM-8 lift. Unfortunately it was windy, snowy and foggy at the top so there was no use to go all the way up.

Quite a bit of sauna and beer followed in the evening and finally I went to bed with hurting legs after a great day!

On Friday we went skiing again but got unlucky with the windy weather and go stuck in the easier sections, but it was still fun and I guess it was good for my sore muscles 🙂 In the afternoon we went and saw Patrik’s Combo play at an after-ski place. They rock!

Overall a great long weekend, just a shame that I must have caught some virus on the commuter train to work earlier in the week and I developed a sore throat and some seriously deep and annoying coughing the last day. So today I’ve had to spend on the couch in front of the telly but now it’s finally starting to feel a bit better.





Sunset 1

Sunset 2



Me and Camilla