O’Sullivan vs Williams


Ronnie O’Sullivan is playing against Mark Williams in the second round right now. If you don’t have eurosport you can follow the exciting match on eurosport or on the bbc website.

It’s brilliant snooker, so don’t miss it!

Ding Junhui vs Marco Fu

Brilliant snooker yesterday in the first round between Ding Junhui and Marco Fu. The best match so far this world championship with Ding Junhui in the end winning with 10-9 but it could have gone either way.

I hope you didn’t miss it!

World Championship

The 2008 World Snooker Championship has begun! On Saturday the first matches started and when we weren’t out and about during the weekend the TV was tuned in to Eurosport. If you don’t get eurosport on your TV you can watch the web feeds from the eurosport site.

I expect we will watch quite a bit of snooker the coming few weeks. But after the World Championship there won’t be another ranking event until in August…

BBC Sport also covers the snooker.

The Welsh Open final

It was quite an amazing final between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Selby last night. Ronnie was leading 8-5, only needing one more frame to win his 20th ranking victory. Mark Selby, however, fought back, winning three in a row and suddenly it was 8-8 and a deciding frame. Which he won after Ronnie made a few mistakes too many.

Read more at BBC Sports.

Is Mark Selby the new Ronnie?

Last night Mark Selby easily won the final in the Masters with 10-3 over Stephen Lee. While that might not have been that tough, Selby won his previous three matches 6-5 to reach the final.

To first go though that and then cruise the final like he did is quite impressive.

The unpredictable Ronnie O’Sullivan will probably keep his loyal fans but a charismatic player like Mark Selby showing consistent results will for sure charm the crowds.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch Ronnie play snooker but you just never know what you get. Sometimes he will be brilliant, at other times though he just totally stink. On the other hand watching Selby you know you are going to get good snooker.

Astounding end to UK championship semi-final

Mark Selby took an early lead and it looked more and more gloomy for Ronnie O’Sullivan. But then he managed to change the tide and draw even at 7-7. Ronnie won the next frame as well, and for the first time in the match he was in front. However, Mark Selby fought back the next frame and forced a 17th and deciding frame.

Ronnie O’Sullivan started the final frame and after the break off shot he had left a long red in black’s left corner for Mark Selby to attack. He couldn’t resist the attack but failed to pot the red leaving Ronnie a long red in black’s right corner.

Ronnie confidently potted the long red and then kept on doing red and black balls in rapid succession. Suddenly a maximum break is within reach and he’s not stopping! He goes on to win the final deciding frame in the semi-final by doing a maximum break. The man is great!

The final tomorrow between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Maguire is going to be interesting. They’ve met before with various results and Maguire has been playing quite good recently. The final starts tomorrow at around 15 on eurosport.se and they start to show it on Eurosport 1 at 21.

O’Sullivan counted spots on the spoon

“He had the upper hand, he’s a tough player and a tough competitor. I was losing it midway at 6-3 down, I was struggling out there, but I had to find a way of staying focused.”

O’Sullivan revealed he did so by counting spots on the side of a spoon.

“There were 108 dots on either side, and I was counting them in twos and threes,” he explained. “It was my little mental exercise.

BBC SPORT | Other sport… | Snooker | O’Sullivan fires 147 to pip Selby

Is it just me that finds that quite odd?

Ronnie is on fire!

It seems like Ronnie O’Sullivan’s game has finally come together and he’s playing solid good snooker once again. Stephen Maguire on the other hand is totally out of balance and he can’t hit a ball!

After the afternoon session of the UK Championship final Ronnie is leading 8-0. That’s right. He won every single frame played in the session. He’s like a whole new man compared to yesterday’s semi-final.

The evening session starts at 2000GMT but it won’t be long. There is no way Maguire can recover from this.