Shuttle Lifts Off for Trip to Telescope –

“Seven astronauts blasted off for one last dance with the Hubble Space Telescope on Monday.”

Because of changes to the design of the fuel tank that make it less likely to sustain major damage during launching, the bigger risk this time around comes from micrometeoroids and space junk, which is more prevalent at Hubble’s altitude and orbit than at the lower space station. There is about a 1 in 229 chance of a catastrophic collision, so the astronauts will take another close look at their craft at the end of the mission.

Shuttle Lifts Off for Trip to Telescope –

I’m not sure I would be comfortable with the 1 in 229 chance of a collision while being out in space.


I söndagsmorse när jag gick och la mig vid 01:30 tiden så satte jag alarmklockan på en timme senare för att kunna se uppskjutningen av Discovery. Det kan ju anses lite galet, men det är ingenting jämfört med Johan T Lindwalls (Expressens utsände) referat från starten. Lyssna! Läs sen hans blog.

Där kan man prata rymdgalen!