Whisky tasting

Tuesday evening I attended my first whisky tasting happening. An Irish pub here in Uppsala is arranging those every now and then, this time around it was an cute Irish girl presenting a couple of Irish whiskys, a Scotch and a Bourbon. The last two so that we would notice the differences.

Naturally she was pushing the whiskys the brewery she represented produces, almost to the point where it felt like we should almost get paid to attend, but otherwise it was quite alright. As this was the first time for me the stuff about the history of whisky and the whisky brands wasn’t too boring. And we got around to the tasting quite fast anyway.

It wasn’t really any remarkable selection of whiskys offered. The Irish ones were: Paddy, Jameson, Powers and Black Bush. With the additional Johnnie Walker Red Label and Jim Beam to supply contrast.

Paddy was like water with alcohol and a small hint of whisky taste far away in the distance. Jameson was Jameson and hence quite drinkable, though maybe not that enjoyable. Powers reminded me of drinking raw olive oil but with a whisky taste. Black Bush was splendid like all the bushes are (not including the presidents). I don’t really like bourbons that much so it didn’t come as a surprise when I didn’t enjoy Jim Beam that much. More surprising was that I didn’t really like Johnnie Walker Red Label any longer. It was, I think, the first whisky I bought, so I thought I would still like it, even if just for the nostalgic value. But alas no.

But it was a splendid evening ended with some good food and beer. In April it’s time for Scotch whisky, hopefully I’ll be around then and not in Amsterdam.