Wee it’s a Wii!


Last weekend I got my first chance to play with the toy we have read and heard so much about. The latest game console from Nintendo, the Wii!

It’s every bit as fun as I thought it would be. The Tennis game that’s part of the bundled Wii Sports is amazing. Quite tricky in the beginning before you get the hang of it and a bit dangerous if you’re four people in the living room as we were. Naturally I managed to hit a friend then doing a backhand!

The Boxing game, which is also part of Wii Sports, was also fun but quite frustrating. Even though I was hitting like mad I constantly got knocked out. I guess I need more practise…

A few of the mini games part of Wii Play were also fun, especially the air hockey.

But the big question is if the Wii is going to continue to be fun after the initial amazement settles. Most of the Wii Sports and Wii Play games are too easy, it won’t take many hours of play to master them. It feels more like they are the kind of games you play when you have friends over for a few beers.

Where are the games that really use the revolutionary control? Where are the games you will sell your soul to own? True, you can buy or, re-buy if you already own them (what’s with that?), the old classic master pieces. And even though it will be fun to play the old NES games, that’s not really want you want to do on your brand new sparkling game console, is it?

With the Wii Nintendo has attracted a new group of people to their console. People who demand a bit more from their games. These players want games that takes time to master, games that really are a challenge and require some real skills. This is different from the more sugar-cute casual games Nintendo are used to produce. Not that they will not require some skill, but compare with any PC game and you get my point.

This new group of people might not understand what Super Mario is doing in every game and why every game has to be so cute that you almost throw up.

So will Nintendo or some other publisher raise to the challenge and produce the killer game for the Wii? I certainly hope so! In the mean time I’m trying to make up my mind whether to buy a Wii or not. It was fun to play but is it really something I would use at home? I don’t know…