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How to compile on Leopard for Tiger

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

If you like me happen to use Enhanced CTorrent and you want to run it on your macmini at home that is still running Mac OS X Tiger but you need to compile it on your laptop that is running Leopard you might run into the same problem I did. The executable you get will work on Leopard but on Tiger it will just give “Bus error”.

The solution for this is to do:


before you run ./configure

Gain more control over Leopard Spaces

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Since upgrading to Leopard, I’ve been ‘trying’ to use spaces like I used to use virtual desktops but it just wasn’t working, until today. With Jesse Newland’s new applescripts coupled with quicksilver, I can now do some of the things I used to do in the pre-leopard days; namely quickly sending an app to another space.

Gain more control over Leopard Spaces

Apple Mail in Leopard with the same old error – heise Security

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

In March 2006 Apple defused a security problem in Apple Mail that made it possible to inject disguised malignant code. In Leopard, the patch was apparently forgotten. This means that you can inadvertently start an executable by double-clicking a mail attachment that looks like a JPEG image file.

In March 2006 Apple corrected this problem. On a current installation of the Tiger OS, Apple Mail issues a warning that the supposed image file is a program and is to be opened with Terminal. Apple apparently either did not incorporate this update into Leopard, or did not do it correctly. In tests performed by heise Security, the Terminal window opened directly in most cases when the attachment to the Emailcheck test email was opened. In only one email this occurred the first time the attachment was opened, but subsequent double-clicks suddenly caused the expected confirmation dialogue to be displayed. The test emails are identical except for the subject line and some administrative information in the header.

Apple Mail in Leopard with the same old error – heise Security

It’s serious that they missed to include the fix in Leopard and even more serious that they didn’t update the test specifications to make sure that this problem didn’t not return.

Going leopard

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

I’m now writing to you from the leopard side of the world. It’s all much brighter here! Come join me!

Home Alone

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Camilla is away at a party I wasn’t invited too, but I don’t mind not being invited that much as it gives me an evening alone at home and I’m free to nerd around as much as I want to!

My plan for the evening is to first make a nice dinner. After that free my iPod touch with iJailBreak then install Leopard on my Mac mini and if that works out fine continue with installing it on my PowerBook as well.

So I have an exciting evening ahead of me!