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OS X on a MSI Wind NetBook

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Last week I got myself a MSI Wind laptop. It’s one of the new small and light laptops that people call netbooks.

My old and trusty Powerbook G4 needed to be replaced and I wanted something easy to carry around the house and bring with me on trips. Naturally I was looking at the new unibody MacBook but even if they are gorgeous and I’m envious of my brother who has one, it’s rather expensive. Don’t get me wrong. I think OS X is the best operating system around and I love Apple designed hardware. However, I already have a MacBook Pro from work that I can use for all the programs that need more computing power so I only need something to keep my personal things on. Buying a new MacBook just for that felt like a waste of money.

The MSI Wind is plenty fast enough for most things and the price is just a third of that of a new MacBook, so for me the decision was easy.

Saturday afternoon I installed OS X on my Wind by following the instructions from the blog. The first problem I got was that I had downloaded the latest version of OSX86Tools which was version 150. Using that version I had no success booting my Wind from the external USB drive containing the restored MSIwindosx.iso image. As soon as I went back to version 149 of OSX86Tools it started to work.

After installing OS X the screen resolution on the Wind was wrong. I fixed that by downloding and installing and then rebooting. I’m not sure why this step is needed but I had to do it to get the proper 1024×600 resolution.

My U100 version of the Wind contains a Ralink wireless card which I got to work by downloading the latest drivers from their site.

I upgraded to OS X 10.5.6 through Software Update and after restarting I had, as expected, no working keyboard nor mouse and the resolution was back to 800×600. I attached a keyboard and mouse through USB and followed the instructions from the blog. After another reboot I had working keyboard and mouse again, but I had to reinstall the GMA950 package and reboot to get back to 1024×600.

All in all it was a rather painless install and now I have a truly portable OS X laptop!

Update: To get the “dead key” left of the ‘z’ key to work follow the instructions under the “Phase 4 Some minor things…” header here. Follow the instructions in this thread at InsanelyMac to install another driver for the touchpad so you can disable tap to click.

Firefox 3.0 sopar mattan med motståndet

Monday, June 30th, 2008

IDG skriver att Firefox 3.0 sopar mattan med motståndet särskilt då med avseende på minnesutnyttjandet i Windows. Det är mycket möjligt, jag undviker att köra Windows så jag har ingen uppfattning i frågan.

Dock har jag kört Firefox 3.0 på OS X och där äter den minne utan motstycke. Det krävdes minst en omstart av Firefox per dag för att den skulle fungera acceptabelt. För inte så länge sedan bytte jag till Safari 3.1 och har inte tittat tillbaka sen dess.

Create good queries in Spotlight

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Create good queries in Spotlight

An overview on how to use Spotlight more efficiently.