Part 1 Making Plans

It all started last autumn then the outdoor climbing season ended. We began talking about going somewhere warm and sunny where one could climb and get some light before spring arrives in Uppsala.

Thailand was naturally the first destination we thought about but if you go that far you want to stay for at least two week or more and I didn’t have enough vacation days left. We felt that going somewhere in Europe would be better and time wise middle of March would fit our schedules. After googling around a bit we found out there’s a decent chance for great weather in southern Spain in March. It can be pretty cold but if you’re lucky the weather will be great.

The village of Sella

Street in Sella

Now we knew which country to go to but not where in Spain we would go. Luckily a consultant at work had been climbing in Spain a few years ago and talked warmly about Sella. The internet also told us that Sella is the climbing Mecca in Spain. As we’re not mad hardcore climbers we wanted to stay somewhere else than the refugio (located right next to the crags). I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the refugio, you can probably get a decent night’s sleep there and there’s plenty of climbers to socialize with. But we wanted the possibility of a warm shower at the end of the day and a soft bed to sleep in, so we searched for other accommodation possibilities.

Villa Pico

There are a few choices if you want to live in Sella and even more the closer to the coast you get. We picked Villa Pico mostly because it looks nice in the photos, they have a proper website and they speak English. More about Villa Pico in part 3 of this series.

If you’re going to Sella you can either fly to Alicante or Valencia. We went with Sterling which at the time we booked was the only company that would take us straight from Stockholm to Alicante.

Our rental car

To get to Sella you need a car, so a rental car is a must. We got our car through economy car rentals who in turn got us the car through Goldcar Europa. I’m not sure what we really gained going through economy car rentals except for a swedish contact number in case of problems.

We got the smallest car available, and even though it had four doors it just about took us two and our bags. So if you’re more than two you definitely need a bigger car. Watch out for all the extra insurances they try to sell to you then you pick up the car, they are usually no good deals. Instead make sure you know what kind of insurances you do have, e.g. if you pay with a Visa card you might have an additional insurance through them, etc…

The rockfax guide book

Another thing you should do in advance is to order the Costa Blanca guide book from rockfax. If you’re going climbing a guide book is a must and this is the one to get.